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poolfoxpoolFoxPool In-Ground Pools is our premium line. They use some of the same technology that is used in building bridges, tall buildings and other structures that require high strength due to high stresses. They have the patented X-Brace design you dont' find in any other in-ground pool. In our area with freezing and thawing that causes a lot of ground movement, it is crucial to ensure no heaving, cracking or caving in. Fox Pool Corporation has been around for over 50 years and still going strong!

UltimateThe Ultimate Pool
This is an above ground pool made from FoxPool that has the strength and durability of an in-ground pool! You can keep it above the ground or sink it down, making it easy to do a beautiful custom look in your back yard!

ISPispWe also have another steel pool line. International Swimming Pools (Interpool) custom-builds steel pools in virtually any shape and size. International Swimming Pools fabricates their wall panels out of 14-gauge galvanized steel with zinc coating for superior strength, durability and protection from rust. Interpool's patented "no-weld" gusseted corners permanently bind the top and side flanges together, giving the panels great strength and providing greater support. Their products are strong, reliable, long lasting and rust resistant.


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